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The Different Types Of Cigarettes

One of the first things that you notice about cigarettes is the number on some of them. They can be 100s or 120s commonly. This number means nothing in terms of the composition of the smoke, but are rather an indicator of the length of the tube with the tobacco in it, in millimeters. In a lot of brands, the 120s are thinner in order to maintain the same volume of tobacco and other constituents. Typically, you would get the 100s because they are the most commonly manufactured. They don’t usually have a number written on them because they are the industrially accepted standard size.
Menthol and Non-Menthol Cigarettes
Another question that a lot of people ask is what the difference is between menthol and non-menthol cigarettes. There really isn’t a major different, and the same international tobacco machinery is used to manufacture both types. However, the tobacco leaves in a menthol cigarettes are laced with menthol to give it a minty, sweeter taste when they are smoked. This does not impact the nicotine or tar content in any way. A lot of people only prefer one or the other, and can find switching between the two a very distasteful task. Some people do prefer both, which is why companies make hybrids, such as the Marlboro Ice Blast.
Other Types of Cigarettes and Filters
There are actually many flavors of cigarette besides mint, and they are different in different countries too. For example, there are the clove flavored smokes that some international tobacco machinery is put to work to manufacture. Cloves are the spices that are put on hams and in certain toothpaste, and the extract can be laced into the tobacco leaves as well. For the most part, the clove flavored cigarettes are among the strongest of the lot. If you are doing something that requires concentration, do not smoke these cigarettes, as they will likely cause dizziness and a feeling of being high.
The biggest difference is made by the filter in a cigarette. Non filter cigarettes don’t have the sponge at the end that basically filters the smoke. The cigarette pack they come in is shorter because the cigarettes are shorter too. Either end can be lit because they are both open. The difference is huge. It is much easier to inhale because there isn’t a sponge to resist the drag, and you get a lot more smoke per inhale than you would with a regular filter tip. However, you shouldn’t use these unless you are absolutely certain. The tar and nicotine levels on these are a lot higher than on any filter cigarette.