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Set Up A Commercial Kitchen For A Start Up Restaurant

A commercial kitchen usually is the core of any restaurant or food operation service, and its design and layout along with the functionality will have an impact on the success of the business. In order to avoid unnecessary costs and maintain efficiency careful research and planning must be undertaken. These are the steps taken to provide a fully functional and profitable commercial restaurant or food service:

Purchasing equipmentRefrigeration is one of the first equipment to invest in when setting up a commercial kitchen. Purchase a walk in cooling unit that maintains temperatures from 28-40 degrees, this however depends on the requirement of each individual owner. It is the same with industrial freezer, the type of category depends on the requirement. The efficiency will greatly increase with the inclusion of a line station so that staff can cool most of their foods prior to serving. In most cases, a health authority registration would typically be needed in order to go ahead with purchasing equipment.

Installation of storage spaceStorage for foods that are perishable and non perishable are another vital investment. Equipment and dry storage shelves are a necessity and these need to be installed in easily accessible areas of the kitchen. These may have lockable doors and other open cabinets for instant requirements when cooking.

Installation of cooking equipmentPurchasing a ventilation system and industrial cooker hood is essential in any commercial kitchen that prepares food in a stove with an open flame. Health officials would also have mandatory rules and regulations set up that need to be adhered to before the health and safety courses in Dubai registration is submitted as approval of the business. Such rules are safety and health procedures like placement of ovens and industrial cookers. There are optional requirements of fryers, grills and so on depending on the type of food preparation methods. In terms of purchasing the basic tables and cutting stations for preparing food, stainless steel is considered both hygienic and easy to clean and can be purchased in different sizes to fit the area. Mixers, slicers and industrial food processors are specialty cooking equipment.

Installation of fire, safety and sanitation equipment Water sprinklers and fire extinguishers are of absolute necessity in such an environment that is vulnerable to accidents. Fire suppression equipment need to be purchased and in line with the fire department regulations. Depending on the area that the business is set up, the local municipality will give guidelines on how washing units need to be installed. Typically they require sinks that have triple wash stations as this is considered to maximize efficiency during peak times and help with the washing.