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How To Decorate Small Living Spaces In Your Home


Living in a small scale apartment or home sure is cost effective, however that does not mean you cannot utilize the space given by the proper décor that will make your home more welcoming and attractive. In order to make the best use of the space, you need to invest in the right type of furniture that will be ideal for your home and its size. Space saving items such as foldable chairs and tables, floor cushions and throw pillow by the side of the floor and more other furniture items are available. These not only provide relaxation it also adds a certain beauty for your home. Here are some of the few way that you can transform your small home or apartment into a picture perfect set up just as the glossy magazines.

Palette box table

It’s pretty simple and creative to make your own pallet box that doubles as a crafty table where you could sip your coffee from. Paint it up in pastel colors and sand it in rough spots to give that rustic vintage look. Flip the table to its side and it can be used to display your pottery plants or coffee magazines or books and use the top shelf as the table counters space. This can also be the perfect setting to be kept in small sized balconies for that much needed relaxation and convenience. Go ahead and use your creativity to make complete home furniture packages all from palettes.

A foldable bar

Another great addition for open spaces or small balconies, is the creation of a foldable bar that is equipped with glasses. Attach one end of the folded side to the wall and with a chain make sure to keep the remaining side in a level that one can mix drinks. This can also be a great addition to be made with pallets for a complete home furniture package that is completely built on your design. When you have friends and family over at your home, you can simply unfold the hinges and display that simple yet creative open bar that can be shut closed by the end of the day.

Cozy reading corner

This idea literarily takes less or no effort at all. All you need is a mattress, a few comfortable sheets and throw pillows to complete the look. Place the mattress in a quiet corner in your home and arrange it with sheets and pillows and place a selection of books by the side to complete the cozy reading corner in your own home.