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3 Requirements Needed To Be A Business Consultant

Being a business consultant involves developing strategies to help with the restructuring of a business, in terms of marketing, finance and many other things. In your journey towards the career of a business consultant, you will need to get the proper education, experience and skills along the way. Find some of the main factors summarized below:


When it comes to education, it will be helpful to take classes in business and management. This will build your foundation. Along the way, joining clubs and societies will give you valuable exposure to like minded people. A bachelor’s degree there onwards, is essential for business setup consultants in Dubai as it can determine your specialty and reputation in the industry. Most companies will generally require you to have a degree in the related field. There are different specialties that you might have a passion for such as sales, administration, IT systems or project management and so on. It will help you to focus on a specific area rather than many. Consider a Master’s degree to stand out from the crowd although not necessary, it will make you more knowledgeable and qualified.

Getting work experience

Right after graduation, it is recommended to seek for as much work experience, in the form of an internship or as a trainee consultant. In a freezone company or any large company, the top end consultancy jobs are highly restrictive. Getting experience from the start with a reputed company will give you valuable skills and knowledge that will teach you more important practical skills than education. This will give you hands on experience on how the process of consultancy works when you start your own consultancy firm.

Getting the appropriate certification

In business consultancy, the type of certification you are given depends on the specialty of consultancy you choose. For example, if your specialty lies in human resources, then you will get the certification on human resources consultancy. There are certain certifications that will require you to have a minimum number of years of work experience before being certified so it is best to keep these factors in mind when choosing a specialty. Most importantly, spend plenty of time training in order to sit for the exams to get certified for as you need to spend many hours reading and training on your own to gather enough knowledge and experience to consult or offer your services to another business. The process of certification also involves filling up application forms with basic requirements that are further reviewed by the relevant organization before hiring.