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Monthly Archive: August 2016

Qualities Of A Good Educational Setting

Making sure that your child gets the best education you can afford is undoubtedly your prime concern. No parent would want to compromise on their child’s development. If you are currently in search of a good educational setting for your child, you may be wondering how to assess the prospective institutions to figure out which of them is the ideal place. If so, consider the following points as part of your criteria.
Sanitation and Safety
You can be sure that just about all Dubai private schools are safe and secure, but it does not hurt to double check. Especially if your child is particularly sickly or has a sensitive health condition, you must be sure that the educational institution you will to enroll him or her in is highly sanitary. Check that trash is in an appropriate area, that toilets are clean, and that the classroom settings are clean and neat.
Additionally, make sure that teachers are equipped to handle emergencies, that there are school nurses on hand with appropriate medical supplies, and that all indoor and outdoor areas are equipped with appropriate safety and security measures. There may not be need for security cameras, but there is certainly need for physical safety in and around the building. Make sure the school is as free of safety hazards as possible. Check that there are fire extinguishers and alarms, and that classrooms are childproofed as well.
Teaching Staff
It is important that you check on the teachers your child will be learning from. Find out about their qualifications. Most teachers at best primary schools in Dubai nowadays are well trained in early education, child care, and even some psychology. Of course, you must remember that qualifications do not necessarily translate into teaching skills. If you can, speak to the teachers a little, introduce them to your child, and watch them in action in class. This will give you a good idea about their skills in communicating with the children. A good teacher is not necessarily one who has the best certification, but one who knows how to impart insight with kindness and warmth. They are attentive and perceptive to a child’s needs.
Additionally, check that the teacher-student ratio is low, as this will ensure that each child gets sufficient attention. All children are different, and thus have different needs and abilities. A low teacher-student ratio allows for each need to be noticed and met by the teacher. If the educators and administrators show a genuine interest in educating children and developing little minds, it’s definitely a good sign.
These are some of the most vital points to look out for while you are searching for the right educational institutes for your child.

Cruise Activities For The Whole Family

If you are going on a family vacation, then a cruise can be the experience of a lifetime. There is something for everyone in the family to do, as cruise ships cater to the needs of people of all ages. If you are considering a cruise, read ahead for some helpful information and suggestions for first time cruisers to make the most of their voyage and vacation.
Activities for Children
There will definitely be plenty of fun and activities for your children. Any Abu Dhabi yacht charter will almost always have kids’ programming to keep the little ones occupied and entertained while the adults are having their cocktails by the pool. Depending on the cruise, you will most likely find a separate area for children, games, kiddy pools, video arcades, and plenty of other facilities exclusively for the children to enjoy. Sometimes there are also special programs organized for children to gather and participate with one another. If you are going on vacation with very small children, you should make use of babysitting services that might be offered on board.
Other Programs and Facilities
As for the adults, there are plenty of activities and facilities for all preferences. Good cruises usually have spa facilities, gyms, swimming pools, and evening entertainment. There are games and sports for adults too, such as volleyball or water polo. There should also be classes and courses in various areas, like napkin-folding, ballroom dancing, and card games like bridge. You can also find plenty of shops, libraries, and depending on the cruise, you can also find a casino or two and a couple of bars around the vessel. The biggest cruise ships will have the most facilities and activities. Indoor movie theatres are of particular popularity, as well as rock-climbing and mini-golf.
The cruise experience would not be complete without the entertainment. You can buy a boat UAE if you want to sail the seas yourself, but you can’t replicate the entertainment factor of a cruise. Aside from the casinos and theatres you’ll find on board, you will be treated to musical shows, and live acts of various forms, such as standup comedy, magic acts, and dancers. After a nice buffet dinner of gourmet seasonal or cultural dishes, you can hit the dance floor or have a little karaoke session. Depending on the cruise ship you’ve chosen, you may even find that the entertainment includes some famous faces, or screenings of some of the latest movie releases.
If you’ve never been on a cruise before, these are some of the things you’ve been missing out on. Before you rush off to book a cruise though, you should consider several options and look around at the services, programs, and facilities offered on board. Some cruises will expect you to pay for each activity or program you want to participate in beforehand, whereas us you can sign up for others on board. Check on all these before making any bookings.