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Daily Archive: June 9, 2016

Planning A Quickie Wedding – Tips For The Workaholic

Not everyone dreams of their wedding day from the time they were little kids. Not everyone dresses up either. There are a significant number of people who would rather avoid the large wedding scenario and simply get married at the city hall or wherever the officials are. For those who planned to do that, or elope, but suddenly face a change of plan and now have to plan a quick, small wedding, the obstacles may seem endless. There are so many things to worry about! Not really; there are only a few essentials for any wedding and they can be gathered together quickly, if not cheaply, thus:
Find a Location
No one will expect a grand ballroom since this was an unexpected and quick decision. Simply find a place that will accommodate the number of guests you’re expecting and book it. Don’t stop to think about the romance or history behind it. The atmosphere is created largely by the attendees and your own mood. If you’re happy with it, they will be too. If the ceremony is at a church, the reception can easily be held at a guest house, a restaurant or even a gallery space. Make sure it includes catering as you won’t have time to hunt down a separate caterer.
Find the Wedding Officiant
At a religious ceremony this is usually a priest and therefore will be present at the church anyway, unless your ceremony is held elsewhere, in which case you will have to ask the officiant to be present at the venue. Civil ceremonies usually happen in the presence of the wedding registrar or magistrate. You need a prior appointment for them to be present so make sure you talk to them first and set your date when they are free.
Find the Flowers
This is more traditional, not essential, and they don’t have to be fresh, but it’s customary for the bride to carry a bouquet and the groom to have a boutonniere. If you’re too busy to physically go out and choose flowers for the deco, either relegate that to someone else, or go check out an online florist who will have all the available flowers of the season and the arrangements on a website.
While an online florist won’t be the same as seeing the Dubai flowers with your own eyes, it saves a lot of time as you can view all the options from the comfort of your own chair and make a quick order.
Find the Clothes
Since this is your wedding, you can wear pretty much whatever you want. Forget about a rehearsal dinner and all the accompanying wedding superstitions and simply go with what you want or can. The groom can wear a suit or even jeans and dress shirt, while the bride can wear the traditional white wedding gown, a white but normal dress, or a casual coloured dress like the starlets are doing now (think Amber Tamblyn’s yellow, knee-length wedding dress). Whatever works for you is in.

Things To Know About Taking Care Of A Toddler

Although most people who do not have children yet will think that they know everything about taking care of kids and will have a checklist prepared listing all the things they will and will not do, the truth is only a parent will know how unpredictable a child or a toddler can be. Children are naughty and unpredictable as they are at a stage of their lives where they are learning new things every day and are therefore inquisitive about everything they see. If you tell a toddler not to touch something or not to do something, they will inevitably touch the thing they are not meant to touch or do the deed they are not meant to be doing. This is something that parents need to be prepared for.

Prepare your home

As your infant begins to take his or her first steps, he also begins to take his first steps towards discovering the world and you as a parent will need to provide the correct kind of home care to both provide your child with a safe and secure environment as well as an environment where your child can learn more about the world.

You will find that as your toddler grows up, he or she will begin trying many things from running toward a stair case to trying to touch a hot kettle and the home care in UAE that you provide your child has to be on point. While no parent can be perfect, you will need to be as perfect as you possible can with all of your attention on your toddler at all times because an accident can happen at any given moment.

Tips and tricks to encourage decent behavior in your child

While there is no exact science to taking care of a child because every child is completely different from the other, parents have discovered certain tips and tricks that have been known to work with most toddlers and have been kind enough to share these tips online with their fellow exasperated parents. Believe it or not, one of the top tips for encouraging better behavior is to minimize the number of rules that you have in your house. Having many countless rules in your home can frustrate your child and will drive your child to doing all the things they are not supposed to do. Instead, minimize the rules in your home in order to focus on a few rules that are focused on the child’s safety and security.