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Daily Archive: June 7, 2016

Simple Tips For Dressing Up For Occasions

We all get the emergency occasions that end up in our plate whether we want them or not. So in the case where you cannot go out and buy yourself a gorgeous dress or hit the salon, here are some tips to get your groove on without a hassle. You will have to pick and choose between the items you have in your closet and on your dressing table. But the basic sense of what you should have on you when you leave the door are given here.

When dressing for a wedding

Wedding are a great occasion to grab free food and have a good time. It is a happy occasion so whatever you end up putting on must showcase the feeling of your wishes for the new couple. In the old etiquette blacks, reds and whites were banned to be worn by guests during weddings. But times have changed so people wear black and red but white is still reserved for the beautiful bride. So when you trying to pick a dress to buy from the store or from your own closet, try to guess what the mood will be like at the venue.

The indicators for the perfect dress will be the invitation (dress code given), time of the wedding and the season. If you are close friends with the bride then you can just text her ask what the dress code that she wants on her special day. Usually heavily worked dresses are to be steered cleared away from. Go for something that is simple yet shapes your body shape elegantly. Usually knee length dresses with good materials like cotton or cashmere are recommended with low heel shoes. You can wear a summer hat if it is outdoors in gorgeous weather and you can go for a strapless version of the dress for this season as well. Go for simple styles, so hitting the hair braiding salon for cheap hair extensions Dubai is a good idea.

Cocktail parties

This is a great time for showing off your design and fashion sense. You can even go crazy at the hair braiding salon with your favorite styles. Cocktail parties can vary from hosted by the company you work at to those hosted by friends and family. For a family and friends cocktail party the dress code would be what you are used to. So you can get away with something that is just a bit more than a casual dress. A cashmere or merino wool tops and dresses are recommended for Fall or Winter season parties. And going with your most glamorous dress is a good idea for a corporate affair.

Chino, jersey and denim and other casual fabrics should be avoided when picking a dress. Try not to go for shoes that are high heeled unless it is a glamorous affair and everyone would be dressing up flashily.

Things To Consider If You’re About To Purchase A Boat

Unless you’re an avid and skilled sailor, you’re not likely to go yachting regularly. So is it really worth the expense to purchase your own vessel? Before making that big a decision, it would be wise to consider your commitment to sailing, practicalities, and compare the expenses involved with yacht ownership with other alternatives. Specifications of boat size, features, and models aside, these are crucial matters in the selection process.

Firstly, do you intend to learn the ropes of sailing and man the boat yourself? Or would you hire a skipper? Doing it yourself means months of training, permit purchase, and licensing procedures, which are not only tedious, but money and time consuming. Yes, it is a one-off thing after which you can sail anytime you want, but that all depends on how frequently you will be voyaging. If it’s only going to be occasional, it may be more practical to simply hire a professional for the necessary hours. Some yacht renting Dubai companies will give you package options that include the necessary crew, so it is worth looking into your nearby or online offers.

Another important consideration is the long term expense. Purchase is one thing, but maintenance over time will pile on the costs, and it will mean hiring a cleaning crew or swabbing the deck yourself. This will cut into your time and your wallet. If you opt for yacht renting over ownership, you don’t need to worry about any of this. Cleaning and maintenance is all taken care of, as well as permits and licensing. Having said that, you have to keep in mind that whatever your decision, you will need to look at insurance options. Buying a boat means you’ll need a long term insurance plan, whereas with yacht rental, you only need insurance for your usage time.

Then there is the matter of docking. Where are you going to keep your boat? And who will be there to look after it when it is not in use? You will need a space of your own at a harbor, or if it is a small sail boat, you will have to transport it on every occasion between an inland location and the dock. All these practical aspects must be considered well in advance of even looking at potential purchasing options. Moreover, by taking your time to mull over all this, you can ensure a thorough exploration into your alternatives and make an informed decision that suits your needs and your budget. Regardless of your final choice, as long as you make the most of your sailing and enjoy yourself, it will be well worth it all.